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Wise Words from Dr. Eric S. Studley

How to Negotiate the best Job Package

By Eric S. Studley, DDS, and Ivy D. Peltz, DDS, MSEd, PHD, MAGD

If things are going as planned, it’s likely that in the near future, you will (finally!) be searching for a job. While finding a job may be your next most difficult hurdle, once you find a job, you will get one chance, and one chance only, to negotiate the best job package you can for yourself. Your negotiating power ends the moment you sign on the dotted line. But when you know that you have no experience, and you’re completely ecstatic that you found a job that you like, how are you supposed to find the wherewithal to negotiate for yourself?

The answer is simple. You’ll need a big pause to catch your breath, a lot of preparation and some creativity.

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How to Make the Most of a Mentoring Relationship

By Eric S. Studley, DDS, and Ivy D. Peltz, DDS, MSEd, PHD, MAGD

May 5, 2023

When we ask new dentists what they're hoping to gain from their experiences as associate dentists, most mention mentorship as a priority.  While new dentists typically desire mentors, not all seasoned professionals step up to the task.

Some experienced dentists may feel too busy to nurture a young colleague. Some may find the request to be an imposition. Some may feel they have nothing to offer. Most of these feelings arise from the perception that a mentoring relationship is simply another caregiving position. We would like to suggest that a mentoring relationship can work to the advantage of both mentor and mentee.

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As dentists, we’re in the business of prevention. But what happens when in spite of our preventive efforts, our patients develop a problem? We quickly move into damage control mode to protect our patients’ interests.  Shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves?

That’s why we need insurance.  When something happens, we want to control the damage and protect our interests.  Would you ever consider leaving an auto dealer with your new car and no auto insurance?  You have so much invested in your decision to become a dentist, and as a result of this investment, you have tremendous earning potential.  Yet although you’d insure your car without hesitation, you still haven’t insured yourself.

Maybe you just don’t know what you need.  Unfortunately, both of us got a quick education when we had to use our insurance plans early in our careers.  We are hoping that our stories will help to illustrate which insurance coverage you need as soon as you get your license, and why. 

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How to make (and keep!) your employees happy

January 13, 2016 

by Dr. Eric S. Studley and Dr. Ivy Peltz

How to make (and keep!) your employees happy 

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams was the most popular song in the United States in 2014. People like to be happy, and the workplace is no exception. So how do you create an environment in which your employees thrive? 

Realize potential. 

Make it clear to your employees that you are interested in seeing them grow into more responsible positions. Offer to pay for additional training or continuing education as part of their employment package. Make them feel that their association with you is a career, rather than a job. Inspire your employees to feel a sense of ownership for your practice. 

Encourage fun. 

There is a lot of research that indicates that people are more productive in a playful environment, so you should definitely create a workplace that people enjoy. Host holiday parties. Bring in cake for birthdays. Give breaks so your staff has some downtime for creative thinking and rest. 

Show appreciation. 

Make sure to thank your employees for what they do for you. A thank you can go such a long, long way! And be sure to celebrate accomplishments. If you reach a goal, do something special for the entire staff. You can buy them tickets to a show, or take everyone (with their +1) out to dinner. 

Pay well. 

Offer a fair, competitive salary. Include benefits, incentives and bonuses. We know there is a limit to what you can pay your employees, but you can also think out of the box in terms of remuneration. How about paying for babysitting fees? 

Earn trust. 

You want your employees to have confidence in you, but that doesn’t just come with the territory. You need to honor your commitments and follow through with your promises. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Be honest – not just with others, but also with yourself. 


Listen to your employees. They’re the ones in the trenches, and they are likely to know what problems exist and how to fix them. Show that you respect their opinions by implementing requested changes. Create clear, achievable goals. People like to know what’s expected of them.  It both reduces their anxiety and allows them to meet your expectations. 

Try to be flexible. 

Remember that your employees have personal lives and are involved in more than just their jobs. Once you have an understanding of their personal challenges, you can try to tailor the job requirements to make it easier for them to help you. 

Like songs, feelings can get stuck in your head. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your employees stuck on happy?